Shipping Costs

To keep things as easy as possible all prices for gifts in the GiftRound Store are inclusive of postage. Please be aware that shipping times may vary between vendors and shall be dispatched as quickly as possible and within their policy shipping times.

What is the GiftRound Store

The GiftRound Store is where you can purchase a gift and pay for it directly with the money in your collection. We have launched with a small number of gifts but shall soon be adding to these with a range of quality gifts from a range of vendors.

Which payment methods are accepted?

To purchase anything in the GiftRound Store you need to have credit in your GiftRound collection or have a GiftRound Store e-gift voucher.

How do I connect my GiftRound account?

To connect your GiftRound collection organisers account to the GiftRound Store click on the Link My Account button and log in with your GiftRound account details. You shall then be sent an email with specific GiftRound Store login details.